Property Maintenance & Landscaping


KBHS Prices:



Hourly Rates: For jobs that are smaller in and around the home, garden or commercial premises I charge a flat hourly rate of £15 per hour. This is to help keep the cost as low as possible for you for the jobs you may have that arent going to take all day.


Day Rate: For those slightly larger jobs which you may have, my day rate (X 8 hours) of £100 offers you a reduced rate on my hourly rate to keep your costs as low as possible.


Week Rate: For large jobs such as full house redecoration to re-landscaping I again offer a discounted weekly rate of £480


Materials: I have a range of tools, fixings etc with me at all times to save on time and money. I can also collect materials prior to the job or order for delivery to your property, however I will require the amount for the materials prior to this for larger projects.


Payment Methods: I accept cash and bank transfer, I invoice on all jobs so that you have a copy of job undertaken and materials used.



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